Key Content

  • Activity

    Market your discipline, leadership and overall awesomeness by capturing the nuances of extra curricular activities and how they have positively contributed to your academic journey.

  • Identity

    Who you are doesn't fit into any box...equally impossible is representing all you are in a 250 word supplement. However, focus on small moments to broadly represent what you bring to their institution.

  • Why Us

    The Why Us essay, a tricky prompt where some students miss the mark. Learn how to hit it out of the park, show detailed, convincing demonstrated interest and convince the Admission Officers you are the perfect fit.


  • 01
    Course Curriculum - Our Fabulous Goals and Outcomes
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    • Lesson 1 - The Why Us...Research and Template
    • Before we get started - writing supplements
  • 02
    INTRO VIDEO with KEY Strategies on how to impress!!!
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    • How to use this course
    • Tip Sheet for VIDEO - Why Us and Activity
  • 03
    The Why Us
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    • The WHY US essay - Transform your approach, Know what to Ask and Where to Say it (with Examples)
    • Activity Sheet - The WHY US Template
  • 04
    BONUS - Activity and Identity Supps
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    • BONUS - Activity and Identity, Slay the Supps!
    • Storytelling 101 - In Media Res!
    • Critical and Creative - The 2 Elements Every Supp Needs (with Examples)
    • See what essay prompts students responded to -- Companion text to Critical and Creative Video
  • 05
    Next steps
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    • Final TIPS for you

'Sup Writing Supps

Who you are, what you do and where you want to be...