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WYA Academy offers a 3-hour course cutting out all the noise you don't need and getting to ONLY WHAT YOU DO NEED when writing your Common App/ Coalition Essay and supps. ***Students go through the courses at their own pace independently.
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Dr. Josie

  • Expertise

    As Chief Essay Officer (CEO) of Write Your Acceptance, Dr. Josie has over 10 years of experience guiding students throughout the admission process and BONUS as a university faculty member, she KNOWS the critical techniques most personal statements lack! With her guidance you'll sound like a smarty pants, totally impress and still sound like YOU!!!

  • Community and Accountability

    Dr. Josie creates an online community for students to feel encouraged and fight the writing blues. You are not alone in the process. Make sure you are not only telling your truth and hoping you hit the mark...tell your story better and ensure structure, technique and approach are flawless.

  • High Stakes

    The College Application Essay and other writing supplements can account for about 30% of the decision. At this point, while other statistics are pretty much set - test scores, GPA - your essays are your direct line of communication. Don't waste this precious opportunity to stand out.

Competition is Fierce

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, 36 percent of first-time freshmen applied to seven or more colleges in the fall of 2015. And with 600+ institutions on Common App and 100+ on Coalition, it has never been easier, which means more applicants, more competition. The Essays, referred to as a "soft factor" can make the difference for you.
Competition is Fierce

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